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escort lady and alcohol

I am a very closed and shy man, can I have a drink for courage before meeting with a fairy, to be fun and a little rashly?

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  • Madam France user Felix


    15.08.2019 | 12:17

    dude are you from the moon? You pay money, drink as much as you want, the main thing is not to drink too much, otherwise the services of the girls will not be useful to you))) but better, take a bottle of good wine and share it with the girl, and the girl will be happy, and you will be on the same wavelength

  • Madam France user Adam


    21.08.2019 | 11:59

    It is possible but within reasonable limits. The reaction of your body with strong excitement can be sad and unexpected - for example, you can’t finish or you won’t get up at all ...

  • Madam France user Mercier


    31.08.2019 | 14:30

    Hey. Thank you all for your advice. In my situation everything turned out very well, I clarified with the angel what kind of wine she likes and bought it when I went to the meeting. The evening was just wonderful, fun, relaxed.

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