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Kristen escort in Paris

Yesterday I spent a wonderful evening and night with a charming Caucasian blonde Kristen escort Paris. Our evening began with a striptease, and ended with a golden rain, it was fantastic. My pleasure knew no bounds.

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  • Madam France user Arthur


    23.08.2019 | 10:28

    I agree with you, I remember that my friend and I had a good time Kristen escort Paris, at first we thought that she could not cope with 2 guys, but she quickly adapted to the situation and enjoyed us, enjoying the double penetration, for which she received a good tip .

  • Madam France user Jan


    27.08.2019 | 21:53

    Kristen escort in Paris - this blonde beauty makes a wonderful erotic massage, and how she owns a strapon .. mmm, not every experienced escort lady can do this.

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